Reach every family in Guatemala, through education, technology and nutrition help to fight poverty and generate new development opportunities.


Reduce the rates of malnutrition and poverty in Guatemala by showing God's love through a practical gospel, educating through technology and providing the necessary tools to schools and families in vulnerable areas so they can obtain better opportunities in the future.


Ramirez Family - Founders

There have been years of challenge and process that God has allowed in the lives of our founders to reach what has now been achieved.

In 2015, God calls them to live by faith, renouncing their jobs to fulfill their purpose in the lives of several guatemalan families living in poverty and extreme poverty.

Through a practical gospel and with the resources that God was providing, it was possible to reach homeless people and vendors in the streets of Antigua Guatemala.

Visiting the streets of the city and its surroundings to see the different types of needs faced by many guatemalans in the attempt to support their families, God made grow a new dream in their hearts to help families in poverty creating the project "Light in the darkness".

The purpose of Light in the darkness is to teach, develop, minister love and healing to every person that is possible, wishing in the future to take this same vision to other places.

Now, through AMGI - International Gilead Ministries Association for its acronym in Spanish, it has been possible to continue the dream with the educational and nutritional project to provide people with better opportunities, helping them to leave the cycle of poverty and qualify for a better life.

Through the aforementioned project it is possible to reduce the rates of malnutrition, poverty and extreme poverty in Guatemala by providing breakfast to children as well as quality education, joining with schools in rural areas to provide them with the necessary teaching tools through technology so our children can be prepared for the new skills that the world demands.

With the help of our virtual platform, guatemalans can obtain knowledge of different subjects, focused on computer science, English language classes and moral with Christian bases.

Our Team

Aderkee López